September 23, 2013

A Classic Conundrum: Could Columbus Cautiously Choose a Captain?

The city of Columbus seems to be infatuated with the Blue Jackets' lack of a captain on the squad. It is true there are a few choices for the honourable twine, but I think Columbus fans should look deeply at themselves and what they love the Jackets for being last year. Think about it.

The Blue Jackets prided themselves on their hard work, their drive, their determination and last but not least their ability to practically win every goddamn game they played in the second half+ of the season. People spit in their faces with chants of "no stars" or "no talent" but it didn't f***ing matter since we beat the shit out of them and banged their girlfriends...with Boomer watching

That mentality. That feeling of absolute disdain for fitting in with the "norm" of the NHL. This team doesn't need a captain. They have plenty of leaders. Leaders that know how to lead by example, by experience, by understanding of the game. We should relish in the aura of being a team without a captain. Sure, the Chicago Blackhawks have a captain...but you know who else did? The Panthers. 

The Panthers.

I rest my case.

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