August 13, 2013

Aim the Cannon East! ... It's Time for CannonFest

Summer is waning. The sound of skates carving the ice, pucks hitting the boards and bodies slamming into plexiglass will soon pepper the evening air. It is time.

Time to pick up where things left off. Time to march forward. Time to add more bricks. Time to aim the cannon east.

It is a time of hope. A time to anticipate, speculate, evaluate and last, but not least, celebrate. It is time for CannonFest.

Each of the past three years a growing number of CBJ fans have gone indoors on a perfectly beautiful Sunday afternoon in August to celebrate the new CBJ season and raise money for The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation at CannonFest . This year the gathering will be held at a new location, the more spacious Buffalo Wild Wings on Bethel Road. Besides more space, this year's event promises more videos to enjoy on the big screens, a memorabilia display, an NHL13 tournament, another great raffle with some awesome prizes and a surprise or two that will leave fans drooling with excitement for another season of CBJ hockey.

CannonFest: is this Sunday, August 18 from 1-4PM at Buffalo Wild Wings/Bethel Centre.  See you there!

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