January 15, 2013

Bob's Your Uncle

It's not that I dislike Steve Mason. I don't even know him. I just don't like watching him play in net. I have come to enjoy rooting for the other guy. I have become a goalie contrarian.

Last year it was Curtis Sanford. Ya big dummy! Those were some fun times. Okay, really they weren't, but at least the Sanford and Son tie-in made me laugh some and laughter is always the best medicine (when there is nothing stronger around).

This year it's Sergei Bobrovsky who has, by default, become my favorite NHL goalie. Any appreciation of how much fun we are going to have this season has to begin with the following classic video montage. Many of you have probably already seen it. But you should probably watch it again, and again. Condition yourselves. Prepare as if it might be relentless.

Or at least we should hope so. If people are screaming Bobrovsky!, it's likely to mean good things are happening in goal for the Blue Jackets. Making the playoffs this year could come down to a hot goalie. Short seasons make goalie hot streaks even hotter in the grand scheme of things. 

There is cause for optimism. Here's is what TSN writer Scott Cullen had to say in naming Bobrovsky to his list of Possible NHL Sleepers, Bounceback Players:
After a solid rookie season in 2010-2011, Bobrovsky was relegated to a backup role in Philadelphia last season and it didn't work out well. He started fine, posting a .919 save percentage in 19 appearances prior to the All-Star break, but he collapsed after, stopping 86% of the shots faced in his final 10 games. He'll have a chance to usurp Steve Mason in the Blue Jackets' net and while wins won't come easily in Columbus, if Bobrovsky is stopping better than 91% of the shots he faces, he'll represent a significant upgrade on recent results for the Blue Jackets.
And while Mason elected to spend his lockout time skating informally with other NHL players in Oakville, Ontario, Bobrovsky was playing in the KHL. In fact, he played so well that fans of SKA St. Petersburg showered him with gifts upon his departure for leading the team to 1st place in the league's Western Conference.

Bobrovsky is known for his work ethic. He came here to start. At this point, all signs point to that happening.

From wikipedia:
Bob's your uncle is an expression of unknown origin, commonly used in Britain and Commonwealth nations. Typically, someone says it to conclude a set of simple instructions to mean, "And there you have it", "You're all set", or "You're good to go". Example: "Put the cake in the fridge and Bob's your uncle". It is sometimes elaborately phrased Robert is your father's brother or similar for comic effect.

Are the Blue Jackets good to go with Bobrovsky in net? We'll soon find out. This much I can promise you, when Bob makes a big save at Nationwide you will hear a bunch of people screaming his name and at least one guy screaming "Put the cake in the fridge and Bob's your uncle!"

Guess what? You get two obligatory video snacks in this post. You know, because it's been a while. OK, this next one is actually an audio snack. Quit whining. #BobsYerUncle

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