April 17, 2012

The Fox Sports Ohio Girls Go Fully Mental

Now that the season is over and everyone has caught their collective breaths, it's beyond time for the staff at FMJ to go fully mental. But, then again, we're mostly fully mental 24/7.

We invited the Fox Sports Ohio Girls to go 11 rounds with us here. Hallie, Sara and Kristine responded in true FMJ fashion. After several heated discussions about which one most embodied the FMJ ethos (windows were smashed and chairs were broken in the search for the right one), it was decided that Kristine shall be forever known as the first Fully Mental Jackets Girl, an honor that is not handed out willy-nilly. Congratulations Kristine.

The Fox Sports Ohio Girls (left to right): Hallie, Sara and Kristine.
What do you like most about being a Fox Sports Ohio Girl? 

Kristine: Representing Ohio, talking sports and meeting the fans!
Hallie: The live interaction with fans (via Twitter/Facebook) during a game. It's so much fun to share the excitement and anticipation of a great game. 
Sara: Cheering on all of our favorite Ohio sports teams with fans. I love interacting with all of our fans comments and/or tweets. It's so fun to connect with them!

What are your duties as an Fox Sports Ohio Girl?

Kristine: I'm a fan ambassador. I interact with the fans at events and through social media on Twitter FSOhio_Girls and our Facebook page. (You can search us under Fox Sports Ohio Girls.) I also help inform fans of the programming and promotions on FOX Sports Ohio.
Hallie: Interact with fellow fans. Keep them updated on FSO programming, events, and contests and prize giveaways. 
Sara: We're fan ambassadors for FOX Sports Ohio. We connect with fans via social media (Facebook / Twitter) and chat about all our hometown teams. And, we attend several games, community events, etc., as well as host all the promotional spots for FOX Sports Ohio teams!

Who is your favorite Blue Jackets Player and why?

Kristine: Rick Nash for a couple reasons... He is the team captain (love the leadership), and he purchases tickets every game so kids can go to the game on his behalf. All around good person.
Hallie: Vinny Prospal. I like watching him play and think he shows a lot of passion and leadership for the team. 
Sara: Has to be Rick Nash... in my opinion, he's the most talented and consistent player on the team. He's the heart of the Jackets.

If you got to do @CBJ_DJ's job for the night, what three songs would you play right before the game to get the crowd in the proper frame of mind? 

Kristine: Wild Ones - Flo Rida , 300 Violin Orchestra - Jorge Quintero (at some point in the game), So Good - BoB 
Hallie: Renegades of Funk (Rage Against the Machine), Bawitadaba (Kid Rock), Bleed it Out (Linkin Park) 
Sara: Word Up! by Korn, Pump It by Black Eyed Peas, and C'mon Feel the Noise by Quiet Riot.

Speaking of music, do you prefer pop, dance or rock to get you motivated?

Kristine: Pop or Hip Hop
Hallie: My workout mix is a combination of all three. 
Sara: It depends, but I usually prefer Dance or Rock. I love making iTunes playlists so I'm ready for any mood! :)

What is the best part of being an Fox Sports Ohio Girl?

Kristine: Oh man... All of it, but I guess if I have to pick something, the best part is the fan interaction and talking sports. 
Hallie: Not gonna lie, we've had some fantastic seats! 
Sara: Everything! I love traveling our beautiful state... I'm from Cleveland, so it's awesome to join fans in Columbus and Cincinnati to cheer on our teams. We have the best fans ever in Ohio!

Were you a fan of hockey before becoming an Fox Sports Ohio Girl? If so, for how long and which team/player were you a fan of?

Kristine: Yes! I would go to Dayton Bomber games and to our high school games when my school finally put a team together. One of my favorite memories is the first hockey game I went to, which was a Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Florida Panthers, while on vacation. There had to be about 10 fights just in the first two periods. The next day in the news they were talking about the rivalry and how that was the most fighting they've seen at a game. Hockey fans really get into their team! 
Hallie: I've developed such an appreciation for the sport and its history since I began following Jackets. The game has been around for a long time, and it’s exciting for me.
Sara: I've loved learning more about the sport this season. I thought Wayne Gretzky was really cool when I was younger, and I even have his card as part of my baseball and basketball card collection!
Favorite song and why?

Kristine: I cannot pick just one song. I love all music. I usually like a song that brings back a memory or has a good beat... my favorite song changes seasonally. 
Hallie: Everlong by the Foo Fighters. There's something about that song - it just gets me and I can never play it loud enough. 
Sara: Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen... My dad used to sing this song to me all the time as a little girl. I think of those times every time I hear it. Great memories.
Have you ever played hockey?

Kristine: Yes, when the pond next to my house would freeze over.
Hallie: No. My first attempt was while shooting a CBJ promo. They told me I was holding the stick backwards, but I'm actually left-handed. I showed them :) 
Sara: Well.... I've been on skates with a stick and puck, but I wouldn't call it hockey. LOL!

What is your favorite part of the game of hockey?

Kristine: Shoot outs and pregame when they skate around with their helmets off.
Hallie: The fast-paced nature of the game, the amazing skills involved, and the penalty box. The idea of a tough, grown man having to sit in a tiny box for a "time out" makes me giggle. 
Sara: The intensity of the game.... the energy that is put out during games just amazes me. I love watching the goalie, too. I'm always so nervous, and I can't imagine what they must be thinking and feeling as they're defending the goal!

How fierce was the competition to become one of the Fox Sports Ohio Girls?

Kristine: Well I didn't have to check anyone if that’s what you're asking ;)
Hallie: It was probably more involved than most people think. I’m just happy to be part of it!
Sara: We're very lucky fans. We're all very proud to be from Ohio and love our teams. And we're very excited to be a part of FOX Sports Ohio.

You can follow the FSOhio Girls on Twitter, Facebook and on the Fox Sports website.

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