January 27, 2012

Stop It Right Here!

The #CBJFanProtest planned for tomorrow afternoon at Nationwide has caused a lot of debate. What will it accomplish? Will it embarrass the franchise and its fans? Is it disrespectful to the players? Lots of people have tried to answer these questions in the past few days. All the answers are good ones to me. The only bad answer is "I don't care."

A wise man once said, "Hatred is not the opposite of love; apathy is." No matter how things go down tomorrow afternoon, let's all keep that thought in mind. The only thing worse than how things are going right now for the Blue Jackets is if nobody cared. 

Whether you are for or against the protest, you have to admit it has at least been entertaining. Today, fans went to Twitter to suggest protest signs for the event under the hashtag #CBJFanProtestSigns. There are some real gems in there. I couldn't resist myself, so I offered a few of my own creations.

From Drop Box

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