January 13, 2012

It Depends On What the Definition of "It" Is

Over the years the Blue Jackets marketing team has certainly had their "ups and downs", shall we say. It's easy to take pot shots at them, as you are about to see. But we must try to remember that these people are marketing professionals, not magicians. They are trying to take dog poop and sell it as chocolate bars on a regular basis. So they are bound to get it wrong every now and then.

Every other year or so. the brave marketing folks for the Blue Jackets have come up with a slogan. The slogan is prominent in every TV, radio and print ad the Jackets use to promote ticket sales. This season, like last year, the slogan is "Gotta See It Live". This is one of those years where things didn't work out so well for the marketing folks.

Things looked so promising when they picked this slogan (again). The additions of The Wiz, Jeff Carter, Vinnie Prospal and exciting youngsters like Ryan Johansen, Cam Atkinson and John Moore had lots of people geeked for the start of this season. It certainly did look like you should want to go see it live.

What a difference 10 games can make. I'll bet the marketing folks wish they could have a mulligan right about now. Does anyone else think it sounds like Jeff Rimer is saying "Gotta run and hide!" or "Gotta see 'em dive"?

A few months back, Light the Lamp had a great post called History of the Schedule Magnet. The title says it all. 

As noted in that post, here are the slogans the Blue Jackets have used in the past:

All Out All Season (2001-02)  Given the fact the Blue Jackets started out the campaign at 0-7-1, this slogan might have been a better fit for this year.

Ignite the Night (2002-04)  This one sounds like the name of a Lady Gaga song. I always hated this slogan, but could never put my finger on why. As it turns out, it's because I didn't know who Lady Gaga was back then. 

Jackets Time (2007-09) There was no slogan in 2004 due to the lockout. When hockey finally came back, it was Jackets Time! From a marketing standpoint, it was simple and effective. It's my personal favorite. It will always be Jackets Time to me.

Carry the Flag (2008-09)  Another winner. We carried that freaking flag all the way to the only playoff appearance in franchise history. Good times. 

Gotta See It Live (2010-12) This one has never won me over. If I might paraphrase William Jefferson Clinton, it depends on what the definition of "it" is. Moreover, this slogan doesn't inspire. It doesn't evoke. It doesn't excite. It begs. It might as well have the word "Please" on the end and a photo of John P. McConnell on his knees. The problem is, what comes after begging? I mean next year. What do you say to fans now to get them down to Nationwide after this debacle of a season? Besides "Free Bacon!"

Let's give the CBJ marketing folks a little help and come up with some suggestions for next year's slogan. Leave them in the comments below.


  1. "At Least It's Not Boring!"

    (Inspired by the Futurama episode, "A Tale of Two Santas")

  2. "Jackets Hockey! It'll drive you to drink!" errr.... ;)

    1. Allison, that's not a drive, it's a short put

  3. Seems pretty simple to me... we've got a cannon that scares the shinola out of everyone from the visiting organIzation, so "Fear the Cannon" or "Fire the Cannon".

    Book it!