November 16, 2011

Mad As Hell

Right about the time the Wild scored their second goal in a 20 second span on Tuesday night, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I started to hyperventilate. Later I was in the kitchen when Billy Davidge said that Cal Clutterbuck had beaten Mason "high glove side" for the go-ahead goal. My left eye started to twitch. I started to look for something to break, or kick. The dog took note and quietly hid behind the couch.

Why? How? What the . . . .?  We as Blue Jackets fans do not deserve this crap! As one of my high school football coaches used to say when we were screwing up bad, "Ain't it about time somebody done sumpin?"

Why isn't anyone doing anything? Why does Howson keep stubbornly running Mason out there, or Arniel for that matter? The harm that it is doing to the fan base is monumental. The failure to act is inexplicable. 

The fans seem numb at this point. Where's the disgust? Where's the outrage? Where's the call to action? Then again, what can we as fans do? We could organize a sit-in and call it Occupy Suck Street. We can demand to be heard. We can announce to the hockey world that we are mad as hell and we aren't going to take this anymore! But first we have to get mad!

Which reminds me of a famous scene from a movie called Network. Even if you are too young to remember that movie, the scene might be familiar to you. Either way, I've adapted it to what is going on here in Columbus. It was either going to be this or a Youtube clip of Roberta Flack singing Killing Me Softly. The animated clip won out. 

Mad As Hell
by: gregin120

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  1. Let's do something!! A sit in, a riot, whatever, let's let somebody know we don't want to lose our team because of their inability to put together a decent team! Let's march on McConnels office!