October 24, 2011

Mental Monday (10/24/11)

Words do not seem capable of conveying the shock, the disappointment and the resignation of Blue Jackets fans on this wet blanket of a Monday, a mere eight games into the season. Only in the weeks prior to the 2009-10 season, fresh from the franchise's first playoff appearance, had the buzz around this team ever peaked higher than it did just a month ago. And never has it wallowed as deep as where it is now. The sudden drop in altitude has left Blue Jackets fans reaching for their oxygen masks. (Remember, if you are travelling with children, put your mask on first!)

So, "wha happened?"  The Dark Blue Jacket references the fact that although the Blue Jackets have the third largest payroll in the NHL, the players that they have been able to put on the ice would have the lowest payroll of any team at the moment. Injuries and Wiz's suspension are undoubtedly a big part of "wha happened." But there also seems to be a confidence void on this team that emanates from the back end and, although I haven't actually measured it, I would bet that it is roughly 48 inches high and 72 inches wide.

Here's a fair and objective breakdown of the State of the Union Blue from a Canadian perspective.  I also like it because the author compares the Blue Jackets to a song by The Tragically Hip. I love The Hip. 

Here's a very unfair and biased breakdown written by an Ottawa writer after Epic Meltdown 2. No mention of injuries, no mention of the pending deal to fix the Blue Jackets lease problems. The sharks smell blood in the water and they don't care about facts.

And for all you math nerds out there, here's a rather sobering breakdown of the Jackets dwindling playoff chances. If you are not into charts and graphs and such, here's all you need to know: the Blue Jackets now have only a 6.1% chance of making the playoffs. Or, as Mike LaFontaine (the character in the video clip above) would say, "I don't think soooooooooo!"

Having said all that, a week could make a big difference. At this time next Monday the Blue Jackets could be on a four game winning streak! That's right, the Jackets have four games in the next six days so there's plenty of opportunity to apply a tourniquet and stop the bleeding. To get to 4-7-1 the Jackets need to safely navigate through the following minefield:
  • Detroit (5-1-0) at home on Tuesday;
  • At Buffalo (5-2-0) on Thursday;
  • At Chicago (4-1-2) on Saturday;
  • Anaheim (4-3-0) at home on Sunday.
No worries, right?

Blue Jackets fans (or at least the ones still willing to admit to being one) have a strong sense of humor. We will march on. We will still Carry the Flag. And we will laugh. We would prefer laughing with the CBJ as opposed to at them, but either way we will laugh. So with that in mind, here are a few light-hearted links to help get you through a gloomy Mental Monday:

Happy Monday everybody!

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