October 20, 2011

Is Columbus On An Island?

I'm lucky to have several friends that are diehard Blue Jackets fans. And I'm also lucky that they have a good sense of humor. Well, actually, most CBJ fans that are left have a sense of humor. Let's just leave it at I'm lucky to have friends.

Anyway, my friend Joe and I were enjoying a frothy beverage the other night and commiserating over the Blue Jackets excruciating start (which hardly seems like an appropriate word) to the season. Out of nowhere, Joe hit me with this:
Joe: "I feel really bad for Carter, Wisniewski and Prospal.
Me: "Why's that?"
Joe: "They have to feel like they were shipped off to the Island of Misfit Toys." 
It took several seconds for the audio/visual portion of my brain to process that information, but when it did I immediately blew beer out of my nose and cried. Unsatisfied that he had tormented me enough, Joe went on.
Joe: "Can't you just see it? Umberger is the Charlie in the Box. Wiz is Yukon Cornelius. Prospal is Hermey and Carter is Rudolph.  . . . ."
Me: "Stop it.  My sinuses are becoming intoxicated."
Joe: "The three of them walk up and Umby tells them his story.  . . . . 'Nobody wants to play with an Umby in the Box. That's why I had to come here' . . . And then Carter asks, 'Where's here?'"
This went on for 20 minutes. I haven't laughed that hard in quite a while. I came home and dug up the Youtube clip below and I haven't stopped laughing since.  It's therapeutic. 

After watching the clip and considering the real message behind Joe's analogy, I too feel bad for Carter, Wiz and Prospal. Hang in there fellas. Don't get too down on yourselves. 

And remember, the show has a happy ending! That's right. Rudolph and his shiny nose go on to lead Santa's sleigh through the blizzard and all the misfit toys get dropped off at their respective homes on Christmas morning. 

Let's hope Rudolph's hoof heals real soon.

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