December 04, 2013

The Last FMJ Post: We're Moving to The Union Blue!

Brett and I and I have decided to fold up the tent here at Full Mental Jackets. That's the sad news. The happy news is that we are joining forces with The Union Blue! Starting today you will find us both doing our thing over there.

Why? The main reason is that we have a lot of respect for the folks at The Union Blue and what they are doing. We have watched it become one of the top CBJ blogs in a short amount of time. And we see this as a great opportunity to be part of something bigger than what we are capable of being here. 

I started this blog four years ago as a creative outlet, a place for me to write about something I love, the Blue Jackets. It has served that purpose well, and it has also allowed me to provide a forum for others such as Brett and Rick Gethin (before he left for the big bucks at Fox Sports Ohio) to express themselves. The problem for me personally is that I haven't been able to find the time to write enough to provide FMJ with a consistent stream of content. 

At the The Union Blue, I will commit to a weekly piece at first, which better suits my life right now.  I will also continue to curate The #CBJ Daily as well. Brett's Game in One Picture series will now be a part of tUB, and you can expect his graphic art talents to be on display throughout the site. 

We're going to keep this site up indefinitely, for archival reasons at least, but we won't be updating it moving forward. We appreciate all the support we have received from the CBJ community. It's been a lot of fun. And we look forward to seeing you over at The Union Blue!

Stay mental my friends!

TBL @ CBJ: Game in One Picture